Consistent, presentation-quality color images without subjective adjustments… FAST!

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Datacolor CHROMACAL delivers the best image the first time, all the time.
We’ve all seen it. The color in brightfield images doesn’t look like what we expect, and image quality varies between imaging sessions and imaging systems. Image editing software helps to adjust color, but requires time and effort, the changes are not standardized, lack scientific rigor, and may compromise the data in our images.

CHROMACAL, a novel color calibration system for brightfield images
Datacolor CHROMACAL is a cross-platform solution that transforms your raw images into high quality, color-standardized images and preserves the scientific integrity of your digital research data. With CHROMACAL you simply achieve the best image the first time, all the time.

Also, Datacolor offers OEM Solutions to deliver standardized image quality from cameras, to complete imaging systems, to image analysis software.

For images that matter™…CHROMACAL.


Color Calibration System


The Datacolor CHROMACAL Color Calibration System for Optical Microscopy provides a color profile foundation from which images can be more reliably compared and analyzed. The system uses a proprietary calibration slide and works with your existing microscope and imaging system.
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Color Calibration Slide


The CHROMACAL Color Calibration Slide is a unique, precision-engineered tool that is used in conjunction with the CHROMACAL Color Calibration System and your microscope to establish a color profile that is unique to your imaging system and imaging session.

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Monitor Calibration Set


The CHROMACAL Monitor Calibration Set uses a precision-tuned sensor to ensure a consistent and standardized color profile on any computer display. With monitor calibration, your images will look the same on the display by your microscope, at an analysis workstation, and on your laptop.
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Additional Activations


If you wish to install any CHROMACAL software on additional workstations, click below for more information. Additional activations can also be purchased directly through the software, whenever a new workstation installation exceeds your available activations.

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