EZ Image Prep™

Automated White Balancing, Brightness Matching and Flatfield Correction in a 1-Step Batch Process

Introducing EZ Image Prep™, a new feature now included within Datacolor CHROMACAL Image Calibration software. EZ Image Prep is the ONLY scientific solution to AUTOMATICALLY white balance, match brightness and flatfield-correct color brightfield images* in a single-step batch process. And unlike color-calibration, there is no need for a calibration slide.

EZ Image Prep works with any TIFF or JPEG image file, and it’s so easy to use.

CHROMACAL EZ Image Prep is the easiest, fastest scientific solution to get great images!
And NO calibration slide needed!

Click HERE to receive a link to download the TRIAL software today, and experience the power of EZ Image Prep™ with your own images!

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Datacolor CHROMACAL EZ Image Prep Software (1 workstation activation)


For additional technical information on white balancing, brightness matching and EZ Image Prep, click here.
For information on flatfield correction with EZ Image Prep, click here.
Click here for a comparison of EZ Image Prep and color calibration.


*The Datacolor CHROMACAL EZ Image Prep feature was specifically designed for transmitted brightfield microscopy images. Although the feature may be used with any TIFF or JPEG image, the results from images acquired using other techniques may not be optimal. Examples of image types that may not be appropriate include macro images, gross anatomy images, reflected light images , polarized light images, darkfield images, real world photos, and others. The user must determine if the resulting images are acceptable or not.