Image Calibration Software

chromacal-icons-300pxConsistent, presentation-quality color images without subjective adjustments…FAST!

Instead of purchasing the CHROMACAL Color Calibration System, you can purchase the CHROMACAL Image Calibration software separately. Although the CHROMACAL System offers the best value and is the most comprehensive solution for both image and monitor calibration, you may prefer to focus on color calibration of your images only, and not invest in monitor calibration at this time.

The CHROMACAL Image Calibration software is easy to use and fits into your existing imaging workflow. First, acquire your specimen images and an image of the CHROMACAL Color Calibration Slide. Then, using the software, calibrate your specimen images. Your original files are preserved and a complete audit trail is saved in the metadata of the calibrated images. You get reliable, reproducible, comparable images in seconds. And, you avoid the time and effort typically spent in using complicated image editing software.


*The CHROMACAL Image Calibration software requires a CHROMACAL Color Calibration Slide for Brightfield Microscopy (sold separately; re-order #10-2010 or #10-2110) or a CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Target (sold separately; re-order #10-2500 or #10-2550).

**Additional workstation activations can be purchased separately. Click here for more information.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP 32/64, Win7 32/64, Win8 32/64
  • Mac OSX (10.7 or higher)
  • USB connection (or internet connection for e-mail delivery of software)
  • 128MB available RAM; 100MB available hard disk
  • Unaltered TIFF or JPEG images acquired with scientific-grade camera
  • For maximum workflow efficiency, internet connection required


CHROMACAL image calibration software is not compatible with the following cameras: Lumenera InfinityHD