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Color Calibration Solutions for Microscope Camera OEMs and System Integrators

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Does this look familiar?  This is what researchers see when they capture images using different microscopes, different light sources and, of course, different cameras.


Figure 1: Before calibration. Representative of four different cameras from four different manufacturers, and two light sources. The same microscope and optics were used for all images.

Can you guarantee consistency in image quality and color right out of the box?

Can you guarantee consistency and accuracy regardless of light source or imaging system?

Can you offer your customers confidence in image quality, color and accuracy?

Now you can!

Calibrated 160x707px

Figure 2: After calibration.

The Datacolor CHROMACAL solution is comprised of several components.

1. Color Calibration slide

•  Provides a stable, resilient foundation for color calibration, not subject to fading.

•  Color standards span visible spectrum, and the matrix pattern can be imaged in a single field of view.

•  Individually-measured optical characteristics.

2. Color Calibration Algorithm

•  Compares measured optical characteristics of calibration slide to measured characteristics of camera or imaging system.

•  Delivers an industry-standard profile specific to a camera or imaging system.

3. Monitor Calibration

•  Market-proven calibration of computer display devices to industry standards using software and 7-channel visible spectrum colorimeter.

•  Matches multiple monitors on same workstation.


The Datacolor CHROMACAL technology provides a color calibration slide and color algorithm that delivers an OEM color calibration solution for a multitude of environments:

  • Factory Calibration for Specification Qualification

Using the CHROMACAL color-calibration slide and special build of CHROMACAL software, an ICC profile can be created during factory calibration that is tailored to each camera such that variations in camera performance can be normalized up-front.  By loading the ICC profile in your firmware (or software), you can deliver a color-calibrated solution using a consistent color standard.  This level of calibration could also be performed on a completed imaging system.

  • Customer Site (Field) Calibration for Installation Qualification

As a value-added service or part of equipment installation, color calibration can be performed at the customer site.  Since color is impacted by the optics throughout the imaging chain (not just the camera), field calibration would use the CHROMACAL slide and software to generate a customer-specific ICC profile based on the customer’s entire imaging chain.  This would in essence allow you to update the camera’s ICC profile that was created during factory calibration.

  • Re-Calibration Services (remote or on-site) to offer your customer

Imaging equipment should be re-calibrated periodically, and regulatory standards will likely require it.  With CHROMACAL, the imaging system could be re-calibrated for color through an update of the ICC profile by using the CHROMACAL slide and CHROMACAL software.  You can structure this fee-for-service calibration as an on-site option, or perform it remotely.

  • On-Demand Color Calibration by your customer

For environments with exacting requirements, or where the facility desires to include color calibration into their imaging workflow, include a feature in your software to use the CHROMACAL slide and software to create an updated ICC profile and load it into the camera.  Thus, the customer can color-calibrate periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, session-to-session) depending on the degree of equipment and process validation needed for their particular work.  This can be a value-added feature, and the CHROMACAL slide can provide additional margin to you.


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