Macro Calibration Target

Macroscopic imaging (“macro imaging”), in broad terms, is imaging where the specimen is generally large enough to be visible with the naked eye. Most specimens in this environment are not transparent, rather opaque; color, therefore, is imparted from the light reflecting from the specimen itself. Macro imaging is widely used for documenting specimens prior to further analysis using microscopic techniques. Specimens can include plants, insects, animal tissue, human tissue, crime scene evidence, geology samples, just to name a few. Regardless of the specimen type, as a researcher / investigator you want your digital images to accurately represent your specimen time and time again.

Imaging requires a combination of optics, lighting, sensors and techniques that together form the color representation of the actual specimen. Just as your family photos can look different under various lighting conditions or with different cameras, so too can macroscopic images depending on imaging equipment and imaging conditions. CHROMACAL standardizes the color in your digital macroscopic images so that they are rendered accurately and consistently.

CHROMACAL works with your specimen images, so it can be used with practically any macro imaging system you may use. And with CHROMACAL, there is no need to change your imaging workflow. Just capture an image of the CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Target during your imaging session along with your specimen images. The CHROMACAL Image Calibration software uses the image of the target to standardize the color in your specimen images.

With CHROMACAL, your images will have…

  • Enhanced Color Definition to reveal details
  • Consistent color for comparison
  • Accurate color for evaluation
  • High quality to support your science

The result….confidence in your imaging so you can focus on your research.

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List Price
Datacolor CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Target (2-pack)
[2 targets per pack, sizes 10 x 7cm and 5 x 3.5cm]
Datacolor CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Mini-Target (2-pack)
[2 mini-targets per pack, size 2.5 x 1.75cm]
Datacolor CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Target (custom-size)

The CHROMACAL Macro Calibration Target is designed exclusively for use with the CHROMACAL Color Calibration System. Under normal use, the CHROMACAL target is warranted for one (1) year.