Monitor Calibration Set

Unlock the full color and tonal range of your monitor

chromacal-icons-capgray-300pxThe CHROMACAL Monitor Calibration Set uses a precision-tuned sensor to ensure a consistent and standardized color profile on any computer display. With monitor calibration, your images will look the same on the display by your microscope, at an analysis workstation, on your laptop. In addition, images will display consistently on calibrated monitors of your colleagues, clients, and publishers whether down the hall or across the ocean.

Although monitor calibration is included within the CHROMACAL Color Calibration System (re-order #10-1010), the CHROMACAL Monitor Calibration Set (re-order #10-3010) can also be purchased separately. Even if you don’t perform brightfield microscopy, there is still a need for maximum dynamic range (as with fluorescence microscopy), and reliable and consistent color rendering. With CHROMACAL monitor calibration, you can unlock the full color and tonal range capability of your displays.

Re-order #
Datacolor CHROMACAL Monitor Calibration Set (includes 3 workstation activations)*

Why calibrate your monitors?

      • A calibrated monitor ensures that your images can be viewed and evaluated with confidence.
      • Even new monitors do not display comparable images. Tune your display to a reference standard to bring consistency across monitors at your facility.
      • Displays change over time. Maintain the optimal performance with a scheduled calibration routine to ensure that your monitors retain a reference state for brightness and color.
      • Not sure about the quality of your monitor? Use the analysis tool (included in the CHROMACAL software) before considering a new purchase.

In The Box

  • Monitor calibration sensor and stand
  • USB drive (memory stick) with software
  • License to install on 3 workstations*
  • Quick Start Guide

*Additional workstation activations can be purchased separately. Click here for more information.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP 32/64, Win7 32/64
  • Win8 32/64, Mac OSX (10.6 or higher)
  • USB connection (powered)
  • Monitor resolution 1024×768 or greater
  • 16-bit video card (24-bit recommended)
  • 128MB available RAM
  • 100MB available hard disk
  • For maximum workflow efficiency internet connection required